Hall of Fame Members

** If you were inducted into the Local Hall of Fame and your name does not appear below, please contact your association manager. **

Name Year Inducted Performance or Service Name Year Inducted Performance or Service
Glen Marr 1991 Service Rodney W. Lorenz 2001 Service
Vernon Bredehoeft 1991 Service Herman W. Schlickelman 2002 Service
Norbert Frandermeyer 1991 Service Edward D. Dukes 2003 Service
Harold W. Berry 1991 Service Linda Corson 2000 Service
John H. Woltemath 1991 Service Alice Black 2002 Service
James E. Swart 1991 Service Donna Mullins 2001 Service
Kenneth R. Karl 1991 Service Pam Zawadski 2003 Service
Wilmer Bredehoeft 1992 Service
Harold G. Griffel 1992 Service
Milton Heldt 1992 Service
Raymond E. Plute 1992 Service
Brent A. Gates 1993 Performance
J.D. Mullins 1998 Service
William K. Parmley 1998 Service
Robert D. Johnson 1998 Service
Frederick N. Benedict 1995 Service
Jerry W. Corson 1995 Service
Robert J. Beck 1995 Service
Albert D. Lee 1996 Service
Charles E. Copper, Jr. 1996 Service
James R. Bennett 1997 Service